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Minimum order quantity:
Attention: There is a minimum order amount of € 350.00 excluded VAT and shipping cost.
Orders under this amount will be for cost reasons not processed or delivered.

VAT. Identification Number:
With the indication of your VAT. Identification number we do not charge VAT. If the customer doesn't
Have a valid VAT-Id-Nr. We are obliged by the Dutch tax low to compute the Dutch VAT of 21% separately.
All orders and supplies are subject to prepayment of the invoice before delivery.

Minimum shipping cost:
The minimum shipping cost per order is the price for one pallet. Pallet dimensions: Length x Width: 120 cm. x 80 cm.
Maximum Loading height: 200 cm. Maximum weight approximately 400 kg. The maximum value of goods on a
Pallet is approximately € 450.00 to € 1,000.00 per pallet. Depending on the size and price of the items you ordered
All orders on pallets are delivered by an external transport company. The prices we charge are those of our carrier.

4florist is a wholesaler and does not supply directly to private individuals, Only B2B

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